Mannheim University Sports Running Group

Running Routes

We run along the Rhine. In the summer we offer different routes in the Waldpark, which is a nearby forest at the Rhine.

In the winter we run to the Parkinsel, a Rhine peninsula in Ludwigshafen. This route is completely lighted.

More running routes in Mannheim are at the river Neckar, in the Käfertaler forest or in the forest Dossenwald. The route at the Neckar is lighted too.

From time to time we run in the summer to the Reißinsel, a Rhine peninsula and nature reserve. The course is very beautiful, but the ground is quite demanding.

The Reißinsel is not accessible during the birds' breeding season from March to June.

Overview Map

Running Routes (PDF files):

Questions regarding the routes or do you miss a route? Send a message to Stefan